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Update: Troubleshooting the homepage portfolio filter/sorter/counter (it's showing perfectly behind the scenes and in previews, but not in production...), filling out more entry details, pretty psyched tbh.

Mad Skills.

Here's a snapshot of my skills so far, I'm going to keep adding things, but it's been pretty fun to watch the bars go up every time I learn 1% or 4% more. Luckily one of my skills is also keeping up with the percentage levels of my skills.

Expertise isn't just measured by hours spent with software or time in classes. Those are important, but only real-world professional experience can help a person create a running directory of viable options for almost any situation. Most problems have been solved before, it's just a matter of finding the right variation of a solution that already exists.

Project Management


User Experience


Web Design


Web Development-Drupal


Visual Design


Public Speaking/Presenting


Selected Projects

When I join your team, I help create designs and processes that work. Note 9/26/2017: Except for this filter below, I'm working on it...

Development 3
Project Management 3
UI 1
UX 2
  • Homepage image of strategic plan site that houses videos, text, and two versions of the pdf report
    Strategic Plan Creation
    A community, a document, a website, an event
  • An image of the homepage for Snell Library
    An Overdue Redesign
    Transformative change with limited resources
  • Image of homepage for Snell Library
    From RFP to Reality
    From html and a webmaster to a modern open-source CMS with distributed editing

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