An Overdue Redesign

Modernizing and clarifying messages

When I first arrived at the Friedman School as a web developer, I immediately got excited about the prospect of a redesign. While managing multiple sites and projects, I started planning for the school's new site. To motivate myself, I spun the xml file of the existing site's sitemap into Omnigraffle and placed the 6 foot site content printout on my wall. After I got promoted, and was able to hire a web developer plus a communications specialist, we dug in and started work. I used surveys, interviews, meetings, and presentations to make the new project an inclusive process. We designed a site that truly served the school and all of its audiences.

Web developer, communication specialist, school leadership, Board of Advisors faculty, staff, students, and alumni


  • Lorum ipsum only gets you so far when you're building out a site, start loading content as soon as the intake system is stable so you can spend more time doing custom styling for your own content.
  • Getting your project to the appropriate stage before soliciting feedback is an artform, and finding the right moment to do so can make senior-level decision making an easier process.
  • Have a good time with your team and enjoy the process, then celebrate success.

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Project Description

Managed a rag-tag team of 3 (including myself) who surveyed, sketched, brainstormed, tested, presented, designed, reorganized, developed, migrated, reiterated, and had a blast while making the new site a home for everything Friedman School.

Project Details

Date: January 2016-February 2017
Client: The Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts University